Our Journey to Sustainability

Our Journey To Sustainability


Today I took over all of EFFI Foods’ social feeds because I personally wanted to share my company’s humble journey to sustainability. 

#EarthDay is the best day to announce our commitment to moving to 0 waste!!! This has been our goal, our dream, our mission since inception. 



• Every time I came close to finding the right solution, there was an obstacle that took my team and I back to the drawing board. We are not a fashion brand, we make food, and compromise on quality is not an option. But the eco-packaging materials that we’ve found significantly decreased our product shelf life and, possibly, stability. 

• The other big issue was (and still is) finding gimmick-free solutions: I never really understood the packaging that’s made from 70% eco material and the remaining 30% from plastic. How are people going to recycle or biodegrade “partial” packaging?

• We’ve been searching for environmentally-friendly solutions since we launched the first probiotic bar line years ago. They were 100% raw and had live cultures, it was impossible to find a bar wrapper that wouldn’t compromise the shelf stability and shelf life. 

🙌🏼 Opportunity:

With our new line – Chickpea Granola – my team and I are vigilantly exploring the possibilities of eco-packaging and trying to close the gap between affordability, shelf stability and logistics.  

There are still only a few manufacturers in the world that produce sustainable films and materials. Most current printers’ machinery (that turn raw film into pouches or bar wrappers) are not compatible with new materials, or sometimes printers don’t care about adjusting their business or machinery to accommodate the demand. 

We’ve played ‘matchmakers’ between printers and raw film producers, we even toyed with the idea of shortening our shelf life, we’ve explained to retailers that people wanted green packaging and are willing to pay for it (this is not true!) 

Now, my company is closer than ever to make our  ‘zero waste’ dream a reality. We are more hopeful than ever that technology, collective awareness of the fragility of our planet, and common sense will continue birthing green packaging solutions for companies of all sizes. 

🌎🌱 Our commitment is to replace all packaging materials throughout our supply chain to 100% eco-packaging by 2021. 🌱🌎

— Carina Ayden, Founder | CEO 

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