Probiotics: The Next Big Beauty Secret

Probiotics: The Next Big Beauty Secret

Shiny hair, strong nails and clear skin may be just a probiotic bar away! 

The state of your skin, hair, and nails is simply an outward representation of internal health. Digestive system health depends on the health of the bacteria that colonize it.

So … healthy bacteria in my digestive system means healthy skin? Yes!

Do you have healthy gut bacteria?  

Unfortunately, the average American’s answer to this question is NO.  It only takes one dose of antibiotics to alter the terrain of your digestive system.  Antibiotics (even natural ones like oregano oil) kill all bacteria, good or bad.  When the amount of good bacteria is so low, the door is open for bad bacteria to take over.  The standard American diet of refined sugar and processed food feeds the bad bacteria and is very harmful to the intestinal lining.  Once the lining is damaged, undigested food and toxins from the bad bacteria are free to leak into the bloodstream.

Hold on, my gut is leaking?

Most likely, yes.  When toxins from the bad bacteria enter the bloodstream, they need somewhere to go, and the skin is the largest elimination organ in the body.  Toxins from the bloodstream get pushed out through the skin, leading to uneven skin tone, rashes, acne, cysts, or boils.  Furthermore, if the digestive lining is compromised in this way, there is less absorptive surface for your body to get all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs for optimal health.  This means the few nutrients that are getting in are going to vital organs and leaving the hair, skin and nails with little to no nutrition.  In short, when your gut is leaky, not enough nutrients get to the hair and nails, and toxins get pushed out through the skin.

But I don’t have digestive issues …

You may not have any symptoms of digestive dysfunction (gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, etc), but if you have skin conditions, brittle nails and dull, weak hair, the root of the problem is most likely in the digestive system.

Can I fix it?

Yes. Simple changes in diet can lead to incredible changes in health.  EFFi Foods and Clinical Nutritionist Lindsea Burns are here to support your digestive system so you can have radiant skin, hair, and nails.

First, clean up your diet by focusing on fresh, whole foods that have been minimally processed and only contain ingredients you recognize, then, add in some healthy bacteria.  The EFFi Foods Probiotic CareBars accomplish both goals with plenty of probiotics and good clean nutrition.  When you adjust the diet and eat probiotics, the digestive system is nourished and healthy bacteria flourishes, which leads to stunning hair, skin, and nails!

For more information on how dietary changes can improve your health, follow the links below.

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