City Escapes During the Holiday Season

City Escapes During the Holiday Season

With the nights getting shorter combined with the likelihood of an icy cold winter in the coming days, December seems to be the best time to escape the winter doldrums and seek some amount of bright sun light. This is also the time when air fares are relatively low and you can pick up amazing deals, especially if you are prepared to fly on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

If you want a very hot climate in the wintry months, you’ll need to be prepared for the long haul. However, it’s easy to find great temperatures and sunshine in the Gulf and the Canaries, with the flying times being pretty short.

Here are some stunning ideas for the places to visit this December

  1. Caribbean beach

The Caribbean seems to be the best holiday destination during winter-the weather is ideal and it’s just the beginning of the season. If you are seeking for a cost-effective holiday this December, see to it that you travel before the school holidays or else the hotel rates will go up, with exorbitant flight costs. Explore some amazing winter getaways like Jamaica, Tobago and Grenada, and the small island of Anguilla for classy hotels and lovely beaches.

Cuba is also a fantastic destination with the amalgamation of stunning beaches, and interesting local culture and history.

If money is not an issue for you, then Barbados can be the perfect place for getting some sunshine during Christmas and New Year. The city also has a lively restaurant scene although you need to book early.

  1. South East Asia

South East Asia is the ideal place to spend away from the maddening crowd that causes your blood to boil.  Soneva Kiri, in Thailand, is a peaceful island and ultimate for couples as well as families with kids. If you are in dire need of tranquility and rest, head to Ngapali Beach in Myanmar. This serene beach is located on the Bay of Bengal, and has successfully managed to prevent mass tourism. The actual highlight here is the sea food which will please your taste buds to the fullest.

The glorious Luang Prabang in Laos tops the list with its combination of chilled ambience, colonial history, delicious food and local traditions. This is the place you’ll never want to leave and is an excellent place to make the most of this rather frantic time.

  1. Europe

December is also a superb time to embrace the cold and derive maximum advantage of the festive season. A visit to Santa in Lapland or short fly to Moscow can indeed add spice to your holiday time. The Kremlin and Red Square are unbeatable sights in the cold wintry months. St. Petersburg is worth paying a visit on account of its famous museums and elegant New Year celebrations.

Prague can be a romantic destination this winter where you’ll possibly find the snow crisp and deep, and wrap yourselves warm.

A trip to Iceland can be fabulous since you can explore geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, lava flows, volcanic craters and glaciers.

You can also try out Norway for snowmobiling and fishing king crabs. The other option includes visiting Lofoten Islands for a wildlife safari.

If you are on a shoe-string budget, save at least 20% on self-catering ski houses in France.

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