Back to School and Work Snacking Guide

Back to School and Work Snacking Guide

13It’s that time of year again: the end of another activity-packed Summer and the beginning of a new school (or work) year. As we transition out of vacation mode, here is your snacking guide to make sure your kids are alert, ready to learn and still have energy to play with their friends after class.


There’s no denying the importance of breakfast. It sets the stage for the rest of our day and therefore cannot be taken lightly (literally or figuratively). A healthy breakfast is the first line of defense against a lack of energy or concentration. To make sure you get the proper physical and mental boost, here are some easy but powerful ideas:

  1. Cereal with nut-based milk
  2. Fresh fruit with yogurt
  3. Wholegrain toast with baked beans, cooked mushrooms and sautéed spinach


It’s imperative to stay well hydrated throughout the day, especially for school children who have higher water requirements in relation to their weight when compared to adults. Even mild dehydration in children can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating and reduced mental performance. Always aim to hydrate with plain water or at least with unsweetened natural drinks free from additives.

After School Energy Boost

After a long day of class and concentration, children often require an afternoon snack to boost their energy and fuel their playtime. It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are most highly recommended, especially since most children don’t eat enough daily servings of fruit and vegetables anyways. But here are some additional snacks that will help keep your child healthy and active:

  1. Rice cakes with almond butter
  2. Whole grain crackers with bean dip
  3. Oatmeal or Zucchini muffins
  4. Edamame
  5. Whole Almonds

Time To Study!

Now that they’re physically spent, it’s time to hunker down and get some homework done. Here are some recommendations to keep your kid focused and cranking away on that essay:

  1. Low sodium popcorn
  2. Roasted chickpeas
  3. Hummus and pretzels
  4. Yogurt with blueberries

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Finally, the long day is over and it’s time to get prepared for a solid night’s sleep. It’s important to maintain proper sleep hygiene which includes watching what you eat before heading to bed. If dessert is on the menu, here are some healthy sleep-promoting items to make sure you or your child get the rest they need (to do it all over again tomorrow).

  1. Banana and nuts
  2. Low or No-sugar whole grain cereal
  3. Toasted English muffin with honey
  4. Pear and almond butter

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