7 Revelations About Life To Get You Through The End Of Summer Blues

7 Revelations About Life To Get You Through The End Of Summer Blues

On changing the perspective

Solar eclipse reminded us that we got it pretty great, riding on giant celestial object in vastness of universe. Now we know that some petty problems called “petty” for a reason.

On attaining luxury

In case you are still working your way up and putting more hours than you can count, you should know that you can afford the real luxury in life by surrounding yourself with people you actually like. People around us can make or break our lives more so than things.

On feeling lonely and pursuit of “wholesomeness”

Being a loner is a state of soul: you get so creative and productive, uninterruptedly. Take it from the genius himself Albert Einstein. As for “wholesome”, it’s a job of a cookie made of variety of different ingredients. You are wholesome and complete without a boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s sort of how you were born.

On relationship traps

There are a few things should be labeled “guilt-free” in your life: vegan meat snacks,  dairy-free yogurts, cosmetic products and relationships.

On past vs present vs future

Because “forever is composed of nows” and because we love Emily Dickinson the only important day in the week is ‘today’.

On “fake news” & positivity 

It’s a well known fact that positivity has a great effect on our long-term health. The “real” or “fake news” you read or watch nowadays can cause latent depression. Stay away!

On the end of summer blues

We’d never knew summer if not for the other three seasons.

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