Transitioning to Vegans Pt. 2!

4) Boost your diet with foods of vegetable origin packed with potassium

There are five very rich sources of potassium in vegan diet – tofu, almonds, sesame seeds, dried fruits and broccoli. In case you are not using these foods regularly (or at all), try to introduce them in your daily diet even before you become a vegan.

5) Get familiar with the taste of vegetable milk in your smoothies and/or cereals

You will probably need some short period of time before you get used to vegetable milk. The good news is that you don’t need to hurry. Start this implementation slowly and gradually and in the beginning you can combine vegetables with regular milk. Over some time, you can start adding vegetable milk in smoothies, shakes, hot chocolate drinks and cereals. If you want to start drinking vegetable milk right away, but you are not used to its taste you can add some cardamom powder, maple syrup or cocoa powder.

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