The Top 9 Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes on the Market

The Top 9 Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes on the Market

Have you ever wondered what those soft bristles on your makeup brushes were made from? I can honestly say that I was unaware that actual animal fur was being used on my face during my daily application routine and as an animal lover I was a bit horrified that I had been naïve to the truth for so long. As young girls, the image of our mothers applying their foundation, eyeshadows, blushes, etc. imprints on us, but never do we take into account what chemicals are used in our cosmetics or where our makeup brush hairs are harvested from. As modern women, with plenty of informative resources available, we need to be more aware of what we are exposing ourselves to and putting on our delicate skin.

If you don’t know already, animal fur is used in a vast majority of makeup brushes; and let’s be honest here, we know there is no way a squirrel or a chipmunk sat there to be groomed just to make one kabuki brush for your face. It should also be known that animal hair is bad for the skin and tends to hold more bacteria because it is harder to clean. That in itself is enough reason to switch to vegan synthetic fiber brushes! But truly, we care about the animals and their wellbeing, as well as your skin and the quality of the products you are regularly using on your face. That is why we searched for the best vegan, cruelty free makeup brushes available and found something for everyone. Whether you are on a budget, a makeup junkie, or of professional status, there is something on this list to meet the needs of all women interested in making the switch to synthetic or even just looking to upgrade their current brush selection. Read below for our top vegan brush picks that are all PETA certified and guarantee a cleaner, fur free application.


Nanshy brushes are made from vegan synthetic bristles only. They offer a variety of brush sets that are ideal for avid make-up wearers and for those of us that only glam up on the weekends. Their ‘Luxury makeup Brush Set’ comes with 13 brushes for users to create a complete look. They also offer five types of foundation brushes that come with different head shapes, an eye brush set that includes seven application options, and two types of kabuki brushes available in white/pink and grey/white. If you’re interested in purchasing single brushes, Nanshy has them available as separates as well. You can find Nanshy brushes on their website at

Kelley Quan

Kelley Quan’s vegan beauty brushes are hypo-allergenic, cruelty free and easy to clean. Quan’s brushes are made using nine different synthetic furs created to mimic their animal counterpart for the same application results. The brushes come with names like ‘synthetic black mink fluff brush’ and ‘synthetic red sable angled brush’, just to give you an idea. You can purchase their brushes individually or buy the ‘Complete Vegan Beauty Brush Collection’ for $325.00. Visit for brush options.

Too Faced

Too Faced is one of the bigger names on our list with a reputation for producing high quality cosmetics while advocating their cruelty free makeup line. It’s no surprise that the heavy hitter makeup brand also carries cruelty free makeup brushes that use their own synthetic bristles referred to as “Teddy Bear Hair” that is supposed to be identical to the soft and silky feeling of animal hair. You can purchase their Teddy Bear Hair brushes online or at major cosmetic retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is another high profile cosmetic brand featured on this list. Urban Decay offers a vegan makeup line which includes their Good Karma vegan brushes. Users boast about the quality of the brushes and the sleek look the chrome handles bring to the product. Urban Decay brushes can be found online on their website or at any cosmetic store and web store that carries the line.


EcoTools began their success with the creation of their eco-friendly makeup brush line in 2008. The company is most famously renowned for their cruelty free makeup brushes made from synthetic taklon bristles and recycled aluminum and bamboo handles. Ecotool products are easy to find as they are featured at most drugstores, Targets, grocery stores and health food markets.


Furless cosmetics is an Australian based cosmetic company that, if you haven’t guessed it by the name, is dedicated to selling high quality fur-free makeup brushes and accessories. All Furless products are vegan friendly and come in an array of options. Customers can choose from their brush sets, brush rolls or single brushes, all ranging in price for those on budget to those who are looking to splurge. You can shop for the brushes on their website


Sugarpill is a Los Angeles based cruelty free cosmetic line best known for their vibrant colored makeup palettes and vegan brushes targeted at color junkies and animal lovers. Their selection of brushes is very limited but you can’t help enjoying the fun pink and white design on the brushes. You can select individuals or buy the full set for $74 on their website

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, otherwise known as OCC, is a 100% vegan and cruelty free as certified by PETA. Their cosmetics appear to be geared more towards professional makeup artists seeking obscure and boundary pushing colors and textures. They offer a range of professional brushes for all forms of application that can be purchased separately at reasonable prices. Look for their brushes on

100% Pure

100% Pure’s mode of operation is to create the highest quality of healthy cosmetics made from the best ingredients absent of toxins. They are a cruelty free brand that gives charitable means towards animal welfare and uses fruit as a main ingredient for pigmenting their cosmetics. 100% Pure has a moderate selection of brushes that are priced reasonably lower than the majority of the other companies on this list. To see what they have to offer visit their website


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