Top 5 tips for a healthier heart

Top 5 tips for a healthier heart

There are many steps which you can take to prevent heart diseases. You can make lifestyle changes like proper eating, regular exercising and cutting down on smoking and drinking.

Here are the top 5 tips for a healthier heart.

  1. Nutrition diet

You can adopt several diet plans to promote a healthy heart, and all of these have similar components. Here are some effective heart-healthy eating strategies:

  • Cut down the amount of trans and saturated fat you consume. Saturated fats can be found in sausage, butter, cream, whole milk, poultry skin and fatty meat. Trans fat is present in fried foods, packaged foods and baked goods.
  • Restrict the intake of cholesterol. These include foods like fatty meat, egg yolks, certain sea foods and cheese.
  • Keep a track on the intake of sodium. Choose foods having less than 140 mg of sodium for each serving. 
  1. Quit smoking

Smokers have a greater risk of developing multiple chronic disorders, such as atherosclerosis-the accumulation of fatty substances in the arteries-leading to coronary heart disease and even stroke. Smoking drops your tolerance for physical activity and develops the tendency for the clotting of blood. Cigarette smoking can also harm the cerebrovascular system. People who smoke pipes or cigars are also prone to cardiovascular disease and death compared to non-smokers.

  1. Diabetes test

People with diabetes have increased chances of strokes and heart attacks. Controlling blood sugar levels can greatly prevent serious heart conditions. Coronary heart disease is said to be the cause of death for approximately 80% of diabetic patients. Similar to diabetes, the symptoms of cardiovascular disease may not be detected for years. This is why you need to visit your health care provider for regular diabetes checkups. Such patients may be advised to make lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, consuming a healthy balanced diet and taking certain medications to reverse the effects of diabetes.

  1. Fitness and regular exercise

The heart is nothing but a muscle which requires exercise to remain in shape. If you exercise regularly, your heart starts pumping blood through your body and carry on functioning at optimal efficiency with minimum strain. Regular exercise makes your arteries and blood vessels become flexible, which ensures good flow of blood besides normal cholesterol and blood pressure.

  1. Friendship

Humans are gregarious by nature and depend on friendship both for their physical and emotional well being. On the other hand, loneliness can be harmful as far as the health of a person is concerned. A study carried out on 28,000 men in 2002 found that people without powerful social ties were 20% more likely to die within a decade because of suicide, accidents and even heart disease. The Journal of the National Medical Association reported their findings in 2009, which stated that friendship and other kinds of social support can relieve stress, an important contributor to diseases of the heart.

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