The Top 11 SmartBands Designed To Keep You Moving (And How They Stack up Against Each Other)

The Top 11 SmartBands Designed To Keep You Moving (And How They Stack up Against Each Other)

In the age of the Modern Human, it’s never been more important than now to hold ourselves accountable for our fitness and well-being. Thanks to today’s recent surge of wearable technology, we have the ability to not only track our activity 24/7 but to avoid finding ourselves on the verge of sedentary. With their sleek design and undeniable utility, smartbands motivate us to be active, both directly and indirectly. And what’s more, checking your activity at the end of the day may just give you the validation you need to keep your schedule busy and your feet moving.

There’s no denying the momentum and promise of wearable technology. And with the plethora of innovative and lifestyle-altering products available, it’s clear wearable technology is here to stay. The small expense incurred now will undoubtedly pay dividends for your healthcare down the road. Plugging your way through all of the options, however, can prove a bit daunting. Here’s a list of devices sure to improve your overall fitness and health and keep your medical expenses low in the future.

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and even the duration and quality of your sleep. Set goals and follow your progress with the LED lights on the band. The Flex tracker can be removed and snapped into any of Fitbit’s accessory wristbands, including one designed by Tory Burch. Fitbit Flex is water resistant and has a 5-day battery life.

Jawbone Up24

This hypoallergenic wellness band boasts a 2-week battery life. While counting steps taken, calories burned (divided into active vs. resting phases), and duration and quality of sleep, the Up24 automatically syncs to your smart phone via Bluetooth. You can log your meals and snacks through the Up app in order to track calorie intake for a more comprehensive outlook.

Garmin Vivosmart

Vivosmart adds heart rate monitoring to its baseline functions. This band partners with MyFitnessPal to track calorie intake and calories burned, including basic metabolic rate. This touch screen, data on display smartband is water resistant and has a 7-day battery life.

Polar Loop

The Loop breaks activity into 5 intensity levels (resting, sitting, low, medium, high) and even measures activity while swimming. Compatible with separately purchased Bluetooth compatible smart heart rate sensors, this band has an inactivity alert, 12 days of memory and a 5-day battery life.

Withings Pulse

Although an excellent pedometer, Withings also monitors blood oxygen levels. The LED display tracks time of day, steps taken, distance traveled and even elevation changes. This smart band-watch stores the last 10 days of data and can be worn as a clip-on device as well.

Basis Peak

This smartwatch includes monitoring of perspiration and skin temperature. It has automatic sleep detection so you don’t have to press any buttons when you are falling asleep or waking up. The Peak is water resistant with a 4-day battery life.

LG Lifeband

LG’s smartband measures forward, backward and side to side accelerations in addition to altitude changes, speed and other time/distance measurements. It has vibration alerts for exercise motivation or to alert of incoming phone calls. It can also be used for music playback. This touch screen device offers real time heart rate monitoring with separately purchased LG earphones.

Striiv Touch

Its water and sweat resistant touch screen displays steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and duration of activity. The Touch also monitors sleep cycles and alerts of incoming calls, text messages or upcoming meetings. It pairs 24/7 activity tracking with a 5-day battery life.

Samsung Gearfit

This dust-proof, water resistant fitness band/smart watch displays steps taken, calories burned, distance and time of day. It has a built-in heart rate sensor and can be set for 4 different activity modes: walking, running, cycling, or hiking. View emails, text messages, and other alerts directly on the display. Not intended for swimming.

Nike FuelBand

Earn Nike Fuel points which track your active lifestyle. Fuelband measures whole body movements regardless of age, weight or gender. It qualitatively identifies workout intensity, offers real time feedback and reminders to get up and exercise. The LED display tracks your progress towards your daily goal. You can even create groups and compete against your friends and family. Android and iPhone compatible.


Designed specifically for swimmers, the Instabeat measures laps, time, distance, number of turns and calories burned. It mounts directly onto most goggles and offers real time heart rate monitoring from the temporal artery. The heart rate is projected directly onto the lens of your goggles for underwater monitoring. The Instabeat also measures breathing patterns and has an 8-hour battery life.

There’s room in all of our daily lives (and on all of our wrists) for wearable technology. Do yourself a favor: invest in your health and fitness today and maximize the health benefits for tomorrow.

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