Our Journey Beyond Basic Nutrition

Our Journey Beyond Basic Nutrition

Welcome to our first EFFi Foods® newsletter, where snacking on-the-go has taken a healthy turn this summer. We are grateful to you, our food fans, for your continuous support during our journey. Your dedication has encouraged us to introduce to you our highly nutritious EFFi Foods® organic snack: Probiotic CareBar®.

Journey of the Heart

Although we live in a fast-paced world, the journey to bring you the uniquely nutritious probiotic bar went much slower and not without a few challenges along the way. In order for you to feel the heritage of the highest quality in every bite, we first had to travel around the world and collect the best recipes. We needed to invest in months of research, as well as collaborate with wellness experts and dietitians in order to meet the strict nutritional guidelines of Cleveland Clinic. Not only was flavor and texture imperative to us at EFFi Foods®, but we wanted to be certified and accredited by the most influential food institutions. In short, we wanted to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and offer a bar like no other on the market. It was an ambitious quest, and with that driven ambition came many challenges to overcome.

Finding a resilient strain of a non-dairy probiotic

Our challenge was in choosing a strain of probiotic cultures that can flourish outside of the traditional dairy market and survive the rigorous manufacturing process. The team at EFFi Foods® finally decided on Ganeden Biotech’s Bacillus coagulans BC30 non-dairy probiotic. This ultra-revolutionary probiotic enabled us to accommodate all consumers, including those who are lactose intolerant or vegan.

Hurdles behind Organic Certification

This was one of the toughest phases EFFi Foods® experienced as our pursuit of organic certification turned down a road of constant setbacks. The nutraceutical industry was not ready to rise to the EcoCert standards and provide the organic carrier for non-dairy probiotic cultures. No other probiotic manufacturer could provide it and EFFi Foods® appeared to hit a plateau. However, in spite of all the challenges associated with producing an organic carrier for the probiotic, EFFi Foods® kept their fingers on the pulse by reaching out and pushing the nutraceutical industry to acknowledge the importance of organic certification and honoring sustainability principles in the food sector. After months of persistence and deliberation, Ganeden Biotech decided to come through and the USDA certification was finally granted.

Passing the strict nutritional guidelines of Cleveland Clinic.

After 8 months of vigorous tests and experiments to confirm the nutritious value of our wellness bars, EFFi Foods® successfully achieved its long awaited verification from Cleveland Clinic. We are proud to announce that we are the only bar on the market today that is Go!Healthy certified.

………And so our journey continues. EFFi Foods® has officially introduced its gluten-free, USDA certified organic Probiotic CareBar® for people on-the-go. Rushed by our consumers, the online store and the website were launched ahead of schedule. So please enjoy our design-driven, user-friendly website and online store. Through our Buy.Gain.Give™ business model, we are able to warm not only our own hearts, but also of others in need. EFFi Care360TM is a philanthropic platform that fosters EFFi Foods’ initiatives and campaigns with its stances in human rights, the environment, education and nutrition as well as supporting our humanitarian partners around the world.

Stay ahead of the curve with EFFiBlog and EFFiNewsletter

With the EFFi Foods® blog and newsletter you can be fully informed on what constitutes a healthy diet and how we can practice environmental sustainability in our daily lives. Our guest writers will include doctors, sustainability advisors, nutritionists, athletes and many other public figures who will be sharing ample amounts of information on nutrition, healthy living, well-being and sustainability.

In an interconnected world, we all have a shared interest in peace and well being.


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From its unprecedented nutritional properties
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and the planet, Probiotic CareBar® is meant
to be brought along on every Journey.

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