Maximize Workout Results by Maximizing Your Protein Utility

Maximize Workout Results by Maximizing Your Protein Utility

July may be over, but summer is still going strong. Are you? Certainly by now you’ve purchased your favorite variety of protein supplementation meant to be added to your morning and post-workout routines, not sit on the counter under a layer of dust. Whether you chose whey, casein, soy, or plant-based options, what you need to consider is how your body will be able to utilize the protein boost. A new study conducted by the University of Tampa and Increnovo LLC shows probiotics (specifically GanedenBC30) “[support] protein utilization as measured by a reduction of muscle soreness and increased perceived recovery.”2 Specifically, GanedenBC30 has been shown to increase absorption of leucine, “the most important amino acid to increase post-workout effects on muscle protein synthesis”, by 23%.1

Furthermore, Dr. Ralf Jager, Co-founder and Partner of Increnovo LLC, states that co-administration of probiotics with protein protect the muscle from damage, resulting in faster recovery and increased performance.2 Not to mention, you’ll be avoiding any unpleasant gastrointestinal discomfort associated with high levels of protein intake. So in order to build muscle and get lean, when your muscles are screaming and you can hardly contain your glutes, don’t forget to add probiotics to your routine so your protein doesn’t go to waste.


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