How Not to Fail Your New Year’s Resolution

How Not to Fail Your New Year’s Resolution

With the arrival of the New Year, many of us become a part of the huge percentage of Americans who normally set strong resolutions for the New Year, which can either give you enormous success or may be destined to fail.

The main reason why resolutions fail is that people don’t put in adequate effort to permit them to succeed. This is because of our old habits that act as a barrier and do not help us reach our objectives.

Here are 4 effective strategies to ensure that your New Year’s resolutions become a hit.

  1. Set short-term objectives

Instead of taking up New Year’s resolutions for the entire year, it’s always a wise idea to choose them once a month, and make changes according to the situation and needs. Break down a larger goal into shorter fragments of time. The best idea is to create a resolution based on your goal and not something that fits immaculately on the calendar.

  1. Make your goals absolutely specific

Most resolutions for the New Year are often huge and general, which makes them very difficult to attain. In order to become successful while reaching your goals, you are advised to make them more specific. For instance, “get in shape” or “lose weight” is a poor resolution. On the other hand, “Lose 15 pounds by the 31st of January” can become a powerful and stimulating resolution. This way, you always have something to focus on which doesn’t seem too far off.    

  1. Find an accountable friend

Keeping an “accountability friend” seems to be an old, yet a powerful technique to adhere to your resolutions. Speak about your resolutions with your close buddies who can keep you on the right track. These people can also help you pick up the best resolutions suitable for you. However, don’t get overboard since sharing your resolutions with too many individuals can in fact act as a hindrance to your accomplishments.

  1. Resist from beating yourself up

Perfection is something that can never be attained. Remember that tiny missteps while trying to reach your goals are absolutely normal. Don’t give up your hopes because you skipped the gym for a week, ate a brownie, or broke your diet. Ups and downs are an inevitable part of life and instead of brooding on your mistakes, try to resolve them and get back on track.

Finally, be kind to yourself since bringing up an overall change in your behavior can be tough. There are some days when you may feel on top of the world. At the same time, other days may turn out to be a real failure. Treat every failure as an opportunity to learn rather than giving up. Just plan ahead and move with your New Year’s resolutions positively.

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