10 Reasons To Get Fired Up About Wellness in 2016

10 Reasons To Get Fired Up About Wellness in 2016

2016 looks promising for health-conscious people to remain upbeat and motivated. Here are the top 10 reasons on why you should get enthusiastic about wellness in the New Year.

  1. FDA releases revolutionary food safety rules

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now taken major steps to enforce safety standards of produce farms while making importers responsible for validating that imported food meets the safety standards as laid down by the organization. This is to prevent food borne illness and other problems before they occur.

  1. Youngsters obsessed with healthy food

In a recent article by USA Today, reporter Bruce Horowitz stated that young consumers are greatly concerned about healthy and clean eating. Sales of natural and organic grown products have enjoyed a 28% increased year-over-year.

  1. Fast food restaurants getting healthier

McDonald’s has started rolling out calorie counts on its menus all across the nation. This can help you see exactly what you are eating. This step was taken by the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants after the health care bill was passed.

  1. Sodas diminish in New York City

New York City’s latest stab at reducing resident’s waistlines prohibits the sale of sodas higher than 16 ounces. Switching to a 16-ounce soda from 20-ounce once every day saves close to 14,600 calories per year.

  1. SeaWorld end killer whale shows


The CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment announced in the month of November that the killer whale shows at San Diego would be phased out by the early part of 2016. This would greatly have a positive impact on the life of the creature and the world in general.

  1. People heavily embracing meditation

More and more people are discovering the joy of meditation and silence for better mental health. This is why many silent retreats have cropped up in the last few months which can change the climate of your mind from confused to clarity and stormy to quietude.

  1. Health apps on the rise

With the world going fully digital, more than 165,000 health apps are available to consumers who want to monitor the progress of their health closely. A health app gives you the required motivation and inspiration to maintain quality health.

  1. People going vegan

Lots of people are choosing a vegan lifestyle because of the huge number of advantages associated to it. Some of the benefits include younger looking skin, eternal youth and increased energy among others.

  1. Popularity of yoga

With June 21st being celebrated as the International Yoga Day, this age old practice has been propagated as one of the holistic ways to remain active and fit. Many people are turning to yoga since it helps to combat certain medical conditions like heart disease, stress, weight troubles, diabetes and much more.

  1. Alternatives look hot

Picking up alternatives to sugar and milk is slated to be a huge hit in 2016. The year 2015 witnessed a huge rise in the US market for sugar and milk substitutes. The reason behind this was basically focused on healthy eating. Purchases of sugar have fallen by 4.4% compared to last year, as stated by Nielsen data.

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