Top 5 Luxury Eco Fashion Brands/Companies in the World

Top 5 Luxury Eco Fashion Brands/Companies in the World

Fashion has now gone sustainable, eco-friendly and organic, which is definitely a positive step forward. Both large and small brands have now started paying attention to the ecological impact on the sector including the consumers. Here’s a list of the top 5 eco fashion companies in the world. These brands certainly deserve a round of applause since they are taking up the daunting task of making the earth a better place to live in.

  1.  Stella McCartney

You may probably have heard of Stella McCartney’s great role in depleting the carbon footprint across the globe in the world of fashion. She has committed to entirely green fashion, with her studios and offices in the UK run by wind energy. The company uses mostly organic cotton and materials that can be recycled easily. She recently nabbed UK’s Designer of the Year Award even without using leather, which is absolutely uncommon when it comes to luxury fashion.

For Sporty Spices out there check out new Adidas collection by Stella McCartney. She partnered with adidas to bring you the latest styles in sports and casual fashion. 

  1. Loomstate

Launched by Scott Mackinlay Hahn and Rogan Gregory, this 100% organic line will leave you mesmerized. Loomstate is basically sustainable and organic designer apparel for both men as well as women. In the last few years, Loomstate Denim has gained a lot of fame since it comes right away from the loom, and is not subjected to singeing, sanforization, skewing or for that matter any other starching or stabilizing process. They are dead serious as far as ethical production is concerned.

  1. Study NY

Tara St James, a designer from Brooklyn, previously associated to eco-friendly sportswear firm Covet, launched Study NY. They use linen, organic cotton, recycled materials and hand-dyed fabrics. Everything is made locally in New York. The company was awarded the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Grant in 2011for sustainable design. Tara seems to be extremely vocal about her option to use ethical and sustainable design principles for her brand.

  1. Bodkin

Bodkin was founded in 2008 by Eviana Hartman-a New York-based designer, who is a firm supporter of sustainable fashion. The main objective of the company is the amalgamation of a particular aesthetic with an importance on sustainability. They use organic and recycled fabrics as well as harmless dyes during the production phase. In 2009, Bodkin was awarded with the Ecco Domani Sustainable Design Award. The products from this brand are pretty expensive since the demand for organic cotton is higher than supply.

  1. Alabama Chanin

Florence- based Alabama Chanin  produces a range of products-from lifestyle items, such as placemats and quilts, with a homespun, earthy vibe to wedding dresses. The items are hand-made by expert artisans residing near Florence, Alabama. They use recycled and organic materials and emphasize on “slow design” and sustainability rather than “fast fashion” which takes into consideration a broad range of social and material factors besides the short and long term implications of the design.

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