Most Influential Innovations of 2017

Most Influential Innovations of 2017

Life is all about staying in motion. But in order to avoid stagnation, we must constantly innovate. Some innovations help us farm more efficiently or travel farther into space, but only a select few will actually make the world a better place. Read along as we recap the top 3 most influential innovations of 2017.

The Boring Company

Another one of Elan Musk’s disruptive ideas, The Boring Company aims to make the roads most-traveled “3D”, by starting with a large network of underground tunnels to help you navigate around (and under) traffic.

Tesla Goes Vegan

Eco-friendly and conscientious consumers can finally rejoice as Tesla now offers the option of “leather-free interiors” in all models. This means steering wheels, seats and even the gear shift can be cruelty-free!

The End of an Era

Nasa’s 12-year Cassini mission to Saturn came to a crashing halt after over a decade of exploring the planet and its moons. After years of capturing captivating photos and rewriting the books on Saturn, Cassini was directed into Titan’s orbit one final time, where Nasa planned for the satellite to “break apart, melt, vaporize and become part of the very planet it left Earth to explore.”

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