Breaking Up Your Routine in Santa Monica

Breaking Up Your Routine in Santa Monica

We’re still grooving on those Santa Monica vibes we were putting out last week, and decided to keep things west of the 405. This week we discovered a few more up-and-coming west side gems for Angelenos to explore. We’ve included a new place to get your morning coffee or take your daily lunch escape, a yoga studio on the rise that will leave you sweating from every pore and feeling Zen, and a place to go for health ailments and alternative medicinal options. Hopefully we’ll inspire you to break free from your daily routine and try some of our new and refreshing suggestions.

Food: Infuzion Café


Infuzion café is a Santa Monica establishment that should already be on your list of favorite places to visit if it isn’t already. It’s one of those spots that knows you by name – or at least your food and drink order. You can’t feel out of place here with the warm decorum and relaxed atmosphere hanging in the air. Infuzion already has a customer following given that they have been in the neighborhood for over a decade serving patrons delicious boba and coffee drinks. Roughly a year ago, owner Henry Cong decided to make the upgrade to a larger space, and with it, added a larger menu exploring food options for customers.

You can find a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups as well as their signature boba and coffee drinks. Vegan and vegetarian options are in abundance and Infuzion offer as many organic and in-house made items as possible. The café is also a purveyor of local goods from smaller up-and-coming companies and has even sold big names like Ethos Water and Om Snacks before they became well-known brands. Cong notes that the café’s success is due to their dedication to fresher, higher quality ingredients and never selling stale products or taking short cuts.

If you haven’t been, drop by and try an almond milk chai and one of their mouthwatering Paninis.  Camp out for a little while on their free wifi and get some studying or last minute work done!

Infuzion is located at 1241 5th Street in Santa Monica.

Fitness: Sweat Yoga

sweat yoga

Sweat Yoga is the newest addition to the block and they are heating up the surrounding competition. With local Yoga spots like Santa Monica Power Yoga, Bhakti Yoga Shala, and Power Yoga East all within a one mile radius, Sweat Yoga has some big names to stand up against. That shouldn’t be a problem though as they are already gaining notoriety and quickly filling up their classes. Sweat Yoga is a part of the growing trend of Power Yoga with classes ranging from 60-75 minutes of what is the majority a Vinyasa flow practice in a warm room (they refer to this as sweat-flow). The longer 75 minute classes incorporate more Ying with long hold poses.

I had the pleasure of putting my beginner Yoga skills to the test in one of the studio’s evening sweat-flow classes earlier this week. The room was definitely full, and at first I was alarmed by how hot it really was in there. After a few warm up Vinyasas though, I forgot about the heat and focused on the practice and the music playing in the background guiding me through the postures. I left the class dripping in sweat, smiling and feeling cleansed from the weekend.

The studio on Arizona and 7th St in Santa Monica, is their first space and it opened just this past November. The founder has lofty goals of becoming a nationwide establishment and we’re eager to watch them grow.  Class schedules can be found on their website and they have very reasonable introductory rates for brand new students. It’s wise to reserve a space if you want to join the other local patrons getting in an after work sweat sesh before heading home.  If you like smaller classes, instructors recommend taking one of the ‘sweat does lunch’ or morning sweat-flow sessions. Don’t forget to check out their Sunday evening meditation class to soothe and restore your mind! Namaste.

Visit Sweat Yoga at 702 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Health & Healing: Proactive Health Labs


Proactive Health is a health and retail center dedicated to helping the public optimize their health through alternative options. Proactive Health Labs is intended to teach people about their bodies and how to maintain their vitality in an all-natural holistic manner.  The clinic contains a staff of natural doctors who identify and diagnose internal issues in patients through a series of different tests designed to recognize the root of a person’s health issues. What makes this medicinal approach appealing is that Proactive Health doctors are getting to the source of the issues and finding lifelong solutions for patients rather than treating symptoms and overlooking the underlying issues.

Physicians prescribe all-natural solutions and have all supplements readily available for purchase in the clinic. It’s kind of a one-stop-shop. They offer memberships of different levels that cover doctor visits, pH body composition analysis, pH water, pH tests and a few other things depending on the plan members select. Some insurance health care providers are accepted and will cover certain tests for clients.

I was lured in by the natural pet products they were featuring but was not disappointed when I discovered so much more than just organic canine shampoos inside. The most popular neighborhood purchase is the water plan which provides alkalized water for the year. The benefits of alkalized water are supposed to reduce high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer risk. Maybe spending a little extra on water is worth it! Of course you don’t have to purchase a membership to see the doctors or browse the store. You can still stop by and check out their Santa Monica or Sherman Oaks location for products promoting a healthy, non-toxic, balanced lifestyle.

Located at 1241 5th St #101 Santa Monica, CA 90401 and also 14619 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks 91403.

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